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Beyond the Veil

Dream awakening sound bath

Sound bath & Blue Lotus Tea

Sun 30th October 2022

7 - 8:15pm at Margate Yoga Studio

A special candlelit sound bath to help awaken your dreams.

As we move into darker seasons, it’s natural to feel the need to get cosy and hibernate. It’s a time to go inside, to rest, and reflect.

The time around Halloween, or Samhain, is also known for being a moment when the veil between worlds, seen and unseen, becomes thin. So whether you believe in mythology or in the cycles of nature, now is a great time for meditation and dreamwork.

Supported by the ‘King of Dreamers’ herb, the Blue Lotus Flower, this sound bath is an invitation to step inside yourself and to explore your dreamworld; to start listening to your inner self.

We’ll be using breathwork, Yin Yoga and guided meditation to ground into our bodies before a soothing sound bath to send you into the nourishing space between being sleep and awake.

For anyone interested in resting and exploring your inner world.


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