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Give the gift of deep rest & relaxation

Gift cards for sound sessions

Digital Gift Cards or Physical Gift Cards available

Use for any private wellness sessions

Email to order

The best gift anyone can get is time for themselves - to pause, rest and heal.

For anyone interested in resting and exploring your inner world.

Delve into healing soundscapes and dreamstate yoga practices tailored specifically to you.

These gift cards can be used on any private sessions, whether a sound journey, shamanic sound journey, yoga class or a cosmic sleep session.


- choose whether you'd like a digital or physical card

- Email with your amount, the recipient's full name and their email address (if a digital card)

- you'll receive a payment link for your amount plus any postage

- Digital cards - we'll send this to the email address you specify

- Physical cards (for Margate only) - we'll arrange delivery / collection. Postage can be added on for physical deliveries.

Cards will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

They can be used for any private sessions.


Order your gift card by

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