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If you're looking to improve your yoga practice then a workshop gives you the time to break down poses and get to know the little details and drills that will help take you to the next level.


Check below for upcoming workshops and events. 

Nurture the Mother: Yin & Sound

Sat 28th May 2022

1 - 2:30pm at Union Ramsgate

The final part of a 4-week course by Motherhooding Yoga designed to empower new mothers through movement and knowledge. The full course aims to grow strength and flexibility in the parts of the body most affected in pregnancy and most needed during labour. I'll be helping to end the course with a beautifully relaxing, slow and restorative yin class followed by yoga nidra and sound healing.

You'll get to meet other local Mamas and be added to a local mothering community WhatsApp group. 


The courses usually sell out so get in touch with Motherhooding Yoga book your place.