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If you're looking to improve your yoga practice then a workshop gives you the time to break down poses and get to know the little details and drills that will help take you to the next level.


Check below for upcoming workshops and events. 

Ramsgate Through the Senses: Yin, Cacao & Sound Journey

Sat 22nd April 2023

4 - 6pm at Union Yoga, Ramsgate


I am honoured to be a part of Ramsgate Through the Senses Festival, bringing you a deeply immersive Yin, Cacao & Sound Journey.

This year Ramsgate Through the Senses is celebrating Earth Day with a fantastic array of activities and experiences, brought to you by brilliant local chefs, artists, and practitioners. 

Join us for some deeply nurturing movement to ground you followed by a cup of ceremonial grade cacao to warm you up and nourish you from the inside out. To finish we will get cosy and lie down for a gentle sound journey with a variety of instruments and soothing voice.

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Sunday Sound Bath

Sun 30th April 2023

7 - 8:30pm at Margate Yoga Studio


An evening of ritual, herbal medicine, and sonic journeying.

Refresh your mind and body with cleansing breathwork, a herbal tonic, and rejuvenating sound bath session.


April is a time to open up, to kick-start your creativity and put your dreams into action.

Join us to clear out any stagnant energy and connect to your creativity. We’ll start with a refreshing herbal tonic and breathwork to bring clarity. Then the cleansing vibrations of bowls, chimes and voice will help balance you energetically.

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