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If you're looking to improve your yoga practice then a workshop gives you the time to break down poses and get to know the little details and drills that will help take you to the next level.


Check below for upcoming workshops and events. 

New Moon Fathers' Day Sound Bath

Sun 18th June 2023

7:30pm - 8:30pm at Margate Yoga Studio


An evening of yogic techniques, herbal tonics, and sonic journeying. The Sunday sound sessions are here to help you clear mind clutter, relax the body, and explore your inner world.

Join us to honour our father figures and get a sonic reset fuelled by the new moon's 'fresh start' energy.

Moon curious? New moons are the start of a new cycle when the night sky is a clean slate. So it's the perfect time to give your mind and body a clear-out and to start building towards a new project or goal.

We'll begin with a herbal tonic and breathwork to ground into our bodies, followed by a short guided meditation to tap into and honour our masculine energies (which all genders have). Then, lie down and relax into a balancing and clearing sound bath.

Benefits include:
Deep relaxation
Clear heads
Improved focus
Energetic re-balancing
Inner calm

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Solstice at the Gardens

Sun 25th June 2023

11:30am - 1:30pm at Windmill Community Gardens, Margate

£40 (get in touch for payment options eg: low income)

A gorgeous day awaits you in the Gardens...

This Summer Solstice...Beth, Conker, Nicole, and Carla want to welcome you for a day of nature immersion, celebration, connection, and community! Held on the Sunday after the solstice, harnessing energies of fire and plants, we have curated a day to come together and celebrate this peak solar time under the summer sky.

There will be an opening and closing fire circle, cacao ceremony, grounding yoga, ceremonial plant meeting, and a long lazy lunch to give plenty of time for talking, wandering, and napping should you fancy! All outdoors in the incredible space that is the Windmill Community Gardens.

For lunch, we will harvest and share salad and flowers from the garden's bounty.

This event is priced to be accessible to all, and just covers our costs, if you would like to attend but cannot find a way to afford the ticket price, please email us:

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